The Boogieman's Domain is a realm that lies in between the physical plane and spirit world. It is unique in that it opens to children's rooms all over the Earth. [1] He used to move from closet to closet almost instantaneously for years. The Standard Laws of Physics are much different in this domain but the Ghostbusters' equipment functioned normally. [2] At his choosing, the Boogieman could also use the realm against any trespassers. [3]The Ghostbusters hooked up the Ghost Bomb to their Proton Packs, set them to overload, and the resulting hyperspatial implosion temporarily sealed the Boogieman in the domain. [4] Every portal was sealed, however, the Boogieman later detected Egon Spengler's fear and drew enough strength to invade the Firehouse. He entered from a closet in the sleeping quarters. After the Boogieman was forced out the window, the domain was still viewable from the closet. The Boogieman used his powers to transmogrify the Big Apple Amusement Park into a new domain.