Beautiful English castle is to Chillingham, built in the 12th century. It is located in the far north of England, and was used as a fortress to repel the attacks of the Scottish North, being in a theater place of bloody battles over the
Chillingham Castle
centuries. The network circulate numerous videos on Chillingham appearances, but the most famous is the story surrounding the so-called blue ghost boy. It was the most famous ghosts of Chillingham Castle, also known as "Radiant Boy" or "Baby Blue". He appeared, showing with a shout, in the Rose room, a bedroom with pink walls and furniture. The cry seemed to come from a point of the wall where you could see distinctly a "patch". Then, a blue light seemed to come from the wall and walked around the room, then rest on the four-poster bed stands in the middle of the room. In 1920, after renovation work, at that point it was discovered the bones of a child, which in some places were blue. This was explained, perhaps, by an alleged poisoning by sulfur. When the bone fragments were buried in the local cemetery, the Radiant Boy ceased making his appearances, but the people who sleep in the Sala Rosa reported that a wall of the room lights up again with flashes of blue light. One of the most famous ghosts Chillingham however John Sage. This cruel and sadistic torturer, who died in 1200, was often seen around the castle. He used to play in making his grisly work, also by developing new and better methods of torture. During the three years it was the "official torturer! Chillingham, is said to have tortured to death more than 7,500 people killed and several hundred others in various ways. At the end of the war with the Scots, has compiutop the massacre for which he remembers Chillingham Castle: massed in the courtyard adults, burning them alive, and then slaughtered with an ax younger children in one of the rooms of the castle, where visitors often report that they feel a bad smell and feel a strange atmosphere. John Sage was publicly hanged from a tree in the park of the castle in front of a large and enthusiastic crowds, which, while Sage died, they tore the body.