Cuesta Verde

Cuesta Verde

Cuesta Verde is the suburban neighborhood located in a valley in California, USA, and it is where the events of the Poltergeist film series began.


Before Cuesta Verde became a quite present-day surburbia, it was a barren and undiscovered valley. In the early 1800s A.D., a group of religious people traveled to this area in California on a kind of pilgrimage and settled here in an attempt to create an utopian society. Their spiritual leader named Henry Kane, a preacher who led them to location, ordered that they must seal themselves in an underground cavern because he told them that the End of Days, the apocalypse was coming. They did so and locked themselves in. Henry predicted the end comes and goes, but he refused to let his followers go. The cult members were all reaching out and praying for help that never come because they worshipped Kane. They have already made a doomed decision and sealed their fate.

Over a century later, the ghosts of the dead cultists.


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