During the 1950s, Detroit was one of the hearts of the United States because of the thriving automobile industry. However, at some point after its golden age and before 2007, Detroit lost many of its automobile manufacturers and fell into poverty. In 2007, looking to increase the efficiency of advanced prosthetics production and wanting to rejuvenate Detroit through the mechanical augmentation industry, David Sarif purchased and overhauled an old auto factory in Detroit and converted it into the first auto-mechanical augmentation factory, giving the city new life.In 2027, Detroit is an economically segregated city. It is divided into two types of areas: the high-rise contemporary buildings of Sarif Industries and company, and the dilapidated tenements and abandoned buildings primarily under the control of the street gangs.The Downtown Apartments at Brooklyn Court is home to Chase, Greg and Josie Thorpe, Seurat, Brian Tindall, O'Malley and others. Further afield is the Chiron Building where Adam Jensen has his apartment. There is also a LIMB clinic here and a black market arms dealer in the gas station. Finally, there is the police station, the convention center andDerelict Row.
Detroit cities

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