The Weser (Visurgis in Latin, die Weser [1] in German) is a major river in northwestern Germany that was born from the Union at Hann. Münden, Lower Saxony, the rivers Fulda, passing through the city of Hesse, and the Werra. The couple's total 650 km long Weser/Fulda and the Werra/Weser 750. The high portion of the river flows through the mountainous region and touristy Weserbergland. The mouth of the Valley is called Porta Westfalica. There the river enters the plains of the North of the country, where for part of its section runs ducted and is used as a transport route and as a source of hydroelectric power. In the last 90 kilometers, up to the outlet into the sea, crosses the port cities of Bremen, Nordenham and Bremerhaven. Except for a few industrial center, the region is rural with a low population density. The plain is characterized by Sandy moist soils drained and moraines covered with a mixture of Woods and fields. 

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